Monday, January 30, 2012

Greg Feb. 6: Making art in the Facebook era?

For Greg's class on Feb. 6:

1. Read the "Alec Soth speaks" essay. (One of his photos is above.) Write an essay based on your reading and responding to Soth's statement: “Facebook: 15 billion uploaded photos. At its busiest, 550,000 images each second being uploaded. So I’ve been struggling with that. How do I function as a photographer in that environment?” How do we make art in an era in which technology has made it much easier for everyone to make good art and technologies have made all this work so visible? As Soth asks, "How do we deal with the fact that [photography is] such an easy medium? And vernacular photography is often as good as the photography we try to do."

2. Read the annotated Roger Ebert essay on "Pulp Fiction," and be prepared to discuss it. (You do not have to write about the Ebert essay.)

3. Fill out and return the contact form.

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