Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sample paper outline

My discusson section asked me to post a sample paper outline that we discussed in class. This is only one way to approach the paper and is not intended as a template for everyone. This is just one of many ways to structure the paper. Please create your own outline for the paper based on your chosen curator and exhibition.

1st page  introduction/ Philosophy/ mission / type of the gallery / curator's role
2nd page Based on information from the interview discuss this show, how artists were selected. How did the curator research the artists, find the artists, How did curator make decisions on cost, shipping, size? Themes of show.
3rd page Based on interview What drew the curator to the artists? How did the curator work with them? Did the curator make a catalogue? How did the curator publicize the show? Artists rights/ %of sales. Gallery rights/% of sales. Logistics of the show. other issues that come up in your interview. ( make a long list of questions)
4th page. Describe the show ( max one page)
5th page How the show relates to the architecture/ hanging issues/ Curators final thoughts on curating /discussion of audience/ reception by the public, the press the exhibition received. Conclusion


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