Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greg Jan. 30: Creating creative communities: Providence

For Greg’s discussion group on Jan. 30, we’ll be talking about how to foster creative communities. And looking for examples in Providence, Rhode Island. Read:
= “AS220 at 25” by Greg Cook. (AS220 is pictured above.)
= “Only in Lonelyville” by Sara Agniel.
= “Compost and the Arts” by AS220 StinkTank

Some questions to consider: What do these examples suggest about how we can build lively, meaningful, generous, supportive, inspiring, serious, competitive, fun art communities? What other examples do we know about and admire? What haven’t we admired? What sort of community would help foster our own art making? What are the basic requirements? What do we like/dislike about the art world? What works? What doesn’t? Why? How do vital creative communities make their whole community a better place to live?

We’ll also be discussing the handout of suggestions for writing essays, so be sure to read it.

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