Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greg March 27: Public Art

In Greg’s class on March 27, we'll be discussing public art.

Read and respond to:

= “City timidity on public art” by Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe 2010.
= "Can public art help retain Boston talent?” by Greg Cook, 2011, based on Caleb Neelon's TEDxBoston talk (video above).
= “The Apartment at the Mall” by Greg Cook, 2007.
“Public Art—Preparing for the Next Chapter” by Elizabeth Keithline and Elysian McNiff, Art New England, March/April 2012.
= “Art in the Streets” by Greg Cook, Art New England, March/April 2012.

Consider what makes good public art? How does it engage with and benefit the public, the community? What are the difficulties of making good public art? Where is the public in public art? How might we foster better public art in our communities?

Research papers are due March 27.
= Thesis shows begin April 8.
= Oral presentations start April 17.

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