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Research Paper

Research Paper

Fall 2013.

Senior Fine Arts Seminar                                                                                                           
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Research Paper: Interview an Artist
Write a profile of a living artist. Your research will include (1) your interview of the artist and (2) at least two written sources about the artist (reviews, articles, artist statements, press releases).

Describe and discuss the artist’s work. What is the art about? What does the art look like? How is it made? How does the work’s physical properties convey or embody its meaning? How has the artist’s work changed over the years? How has the artist’s career developed—shows, sales, recognition? What are the artist’s influences/inspirations? What day jobs has the artist held? How has where the artist lived affected the art? How have the artist’s personal relationships influenced the art? Students are encouraged to see the artist’s work in person. Discuss specific artworks in detail—and include reproductions of the artworks.

Address how the art relates to various contexts, such as in relation to themes in contemporary art; to social, political, scientific, spiritual and scientific contexts; to the artist’s biography; to the artist’s peers; etc.

1. Artist interview.
Students must interview an artist in person (preferred) or by phone. Interviews may not be conducted by e-mail. (Students needing special accommodations to fulfill this part of the assignment should discuss them with their teacher in advance.) Students may choose any living artist, except those with ties to Montserrat (student, teacher, staff, alums). Students are encouraged to try to meet the artists in their studios, and photograph the artists and their work for images to include with the final paper. Students must prepare an (at least) one-page transcript from the interview.

2. Research paper.
Your essay will be based on your research – your interview of the artist and reading about the artist. Be sure to note your sources – plagiarism will not be tolerated. The focus of the paper is your selected artist, but in your discussion of their artwork you may also speak about how your own work relates to their artwork.

The paper must include a bibliography listing at least two sources. Bibliography format: Author (last name first), “Title of Reading,” name of newspaper/magazine/blog/journal it appeared in, date of publication, page of publication, web link. Examples:
Book: Dukes Jordan, Matthew, “Weirdo Deluxe: The Wild World of Pop Surrealism & Lowbrow Art,” 2005.
Magazine/newspaper: Meland, Louis, “Top of the Pops: Did Andy Warhol change everything?” The New Yorker, Jan. 11, 2010, pages 57-65.
Web: Caruth, Nicole J., “A Look into the Future with Saya Woolfalk,” Art: 21 Blog, Aug. 18, 2009.

Research paper length: Five page essay, plus separate bibliography, one-page transcription of interview, and of the artist’s work. The paper must be typed and printed out when turned in.

1. Discussion classes of week of  Sept. 23: Students must provide a brief written update on which artist they have chosen and when they are scheduled to interview them. The sooner you interview the artist the better.
2. Discussion classes of week of Oct. 21: Turn in one-page transcript of (part of) the interview.
3. Discussion classes of week of Oct. 28: Final research paper due.
Assignments will lose one letter grade for each week they are late. Failure to turn in a paper will result in a zero, which could result in you failing this class.

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