Sunday, November 18, 2012

Greg Nov. 19: Story Time

For Greg's discussion group on Nov. 19, we'll be talking about

= "Politics and Protest in Papier-Mache Heads"
= "Spectacle for the Heart and Soul"
= Nathalie Djurberg
= "Spirited Away: A Magical Dot Over in the Corner"
= "Ori Gersht's post-traumatic stress"(An excerpt of one of his videos is above)

Some questions to consider: What are the various ways these artists use narrative or story? How does story help them convey ideas, moods, emotions? Do you find some ways more effective than others? Why? What makes this work different from traditional narratives? These artists highlight imagery. How does the addition of time and motion change the way this imagery works and affects the audience?

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