Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guidelines for End of Semester Presentations

Some more info on End of Semester Presentations.... 
(Previous info here.)
1.  Presentations should be approximately ten minutes long and should include at least 6-10 images. Your presentations will be graded on research, quality of visual presentation and the quality of the oral presentation. Presentations are given to the entire SFAS, which includes all discussion groups.
2. Practice your presentation and prepare your visual materials with care. Students using digital presentations should format their presentations in some form of presentation software such as PowerPoint, iPhoto, or Keynote. Use video in your presentations only when it's vital to presenting the work at hand--such as performance or video art, or video tours through installations, sculptures or architecture. Video should not supplant your own description and discussion of the art. In other words, don't show a video that profiles the artist, that's your assignment.
Present the work of a living artist. Choose examples of your chosen artist’s work and explain the ideas the artist is exploring. You may not choose an artist you have written about in research papers for this or other classes.
Present your own work. Imagine you are giving a visiting artist talk. Your presentation should consist of a body of work. Do not show a selection of work from the 4 years at school. Be prepared to talk about each image. You are also required to provide a disk with the images from your presentation along with a resume file to the seminar instructor.
Consult Ethan Berry about availability of equipment and set up. Arrive early, prepare your presentation and test the equipment.

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