Friday, September 28, 2012

Caroline's Readings for Mon Oct 1st and Weds Oct 3rd

Caroline's Readings for Mon Oct 1st and Weds Oct 3rd

1. Marxist Arts Criticism - Dictionary and Encyclopedia,
2. Chandler, Daniel. Marxist Media Theory Gramsci and Hegemony, Stuart Hall, Strengths of Marxist analysis. 
 3. Haacke, Hans, Statement, from Harrison and Wood, Art in Theory 1900 - 2000, pp. 930-931
4. Lipton, Eunice, The Laundress in Late Nineteeth - Century French Culture:Imagery, Ideology and Edgar Degas,  Art History, vol.3, no.3 Sept 1980, pp 295 - 313  
5. Burgin, Victor, What does possession mean to you?
6. Cotter, Holland, Martha Rosler, Photomontages:1965-2004, NYTimes Dec 24, 2004

ALSO Check out the NYTimes Friday Sept 28th 2012
Review by Karen Rosenberg of 2 shows by Thomas Hirschhorn in NY.
Concordia, Concordia at Gladstone Gallery, Chelsea through Oct 20
Timeline: Work in Public Space, future Dia, Chelsea, through Nov 3
Hirschhorn's forthcoming Dia commission is an "monument" to GRAMSCI!!!!! ( see 2nd reading for this week)
ALSO Ken Johnson reviews "Joy in People"Jeremy Deller at the ICA in Philadelphia...see last weeks readings...

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