Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall 2012 Research Paper

Write a report on the presentation of a single exhibition/performance/screening that you go to this fall. You are required to interview the curator/gallerist/editor about the artist(s) and the development of the presentation. Questions to addressWhat is the presentation about? How did they research and develop the idea? How did they find and select the artist(s)? Did financial/logistical constraints like cost, shipping, size affect their decisions? How did logistical constraints affect what is presented and the meaning conveyed by the presentation? How well do the selected works represent the artist and/or theme? How do the works convey or embody their meaning? 

We prefer that you interview your subject in person because this generally results in getting better information and a better paper, but phone or e-mail interviews are okay. The presentation of the art must open/debut after the start of our semester. This might include a public screening of animation, a fashion show, photo display, graffiti mural, an art installation in the woods, a galley exhibit of interactive web art, etc. We encourage you to discuss your choice with Greg or Caroline. We're interested in all kinds of art. If you feel that these guidelines don't accommodate the art you're interested in, please speak to us. 

Note: The subject of your paper must be an exhibition/performance/screening happening outside Montserrat and featuring art/artists not affiliated with Montserrat.

Also remember this is a research paper, so your final paper must include a bibliography listing at least two sources, which could include artists' statements, artists' websites, reviews, etc. Bibliography format: Author (last name first), “Title of Reading,” name of newspaper/magazine/blog/journal it appeared in, date of publication, page of publication, web link. Examples:

Book: Dukes Jordan, Matthew, “Weirdo Deluxe: The Wild World of Pop Surrealism & Lowbrow Art,” 2005.

Magazine/newspaper: Meland, Louis, “Top of the Pops: Did Andy Warhol change everything?” The New Yorker, Jan. 11, 2010, pages 57-65.

Web: Caruth, Nicole J., “A Look into the Future with Saya Woolfalk,” Art: 21 Blog, Aug. 18, 2009.


Paper should be 5 to 7 pages, and turned in as a typed, printed-out copy.


Discussion sections that meet during the week of Sept. 24: Submit a written list of two or three exhibitions that you might like to write about.
Week of Oct. 15: Submit a one-page typed transcript of your interview. This should be an excerpt from your interview.
Week of Oct. 29: Finished research paper due. Grades will be reduced one letter grade for each week the paper is late.

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