Monday, September 10, 2012

Greg Sept. 17: Robots are watching

= For Greg's discussion group on Sept. 17, we will be reading and talking about "the New Aesthetic" via:

= James Bridle's blog "The New Aesthetic." Dig through some of the pages.
= David Albert Cox, "Playfulness and Processuality--Interview with Bruce Sterling about the New Aesthetic," Cox's blog.
= Paddy Johnson, "What New Aesthetic?" The L Magazine, May 9, 2012.
= Mark Frauenfelder, "A Short PBS documentary about Glitch Art,", Aug. 9, 2012. You must watch the video, so follow the link.
= Rose Eveleth, "Amazing Shots Captured by Google Street View,", Aug. 29, 2012. Follow this link to the photos.

Questions to consider: What do Google Earth glitches, drone visions, and other manifestations of how computers and robots record, translate and process the world tell us about life today? What are the machines watching? Is it all about surveillance? What are they doing? What are they thinking? Does the Internet have moods? Is there a new aesthetic to be found in this new technology? How do you feel about our technological world? How does it enter your art or the art of others? We expect the machines to be perfect. What does this tell us about us and them? Do our mistakes reveal our humanity? Do digital glitches reveal "the very soul of a machine"?

Related unrequired (!) reading:
= James Brindle "#sxaesthetic," blog post, March 15, 2012.
= Bruce Sterling "An Essay on the New Aesthetic," Wired Magazine, April 2, 2012.
= Greg Cook "Boston Dynamic's new killer robot," New England Journal of Aesthetic Research, March 3, 2012.

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