Sunday, September 30, 2012

Greg Oct. 15: Abstract reasoning

For Greg's discussion group on Oct. 15, we will be discussing what is happening in abstract art today based on the following readings and links:

= "Simpatico" group show at BU Art Gallery reviewed in Boston Globe.
= Jessica Stockholder
= "Not About Paint" at Steven Zevitas Gallery in 2011 reviewed by Greg Cook.
= Chris Johanson
= Leonardo Drew reviewed in New York magazine.
= Robert Irwin reviewed in the New Yorker.
= Mark Bradford reviewed in New York Times.
= Rachel Harrison reviewed in LA Times.

Questions to consider: What is happening in abstract art today? What are some similar/common ideas and styles that you see in the artists in the readings and other abstract artists active today? What makes a good abstraction?

A one-page typed transcript of your research paper interview is due Oct. 15.

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